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Mystic Island pokemon

Free forum : This site was created solely for the fans of pokémon gamesAnd those who use Game shark advance

ruby, sappire, emeral, legendary, gameshark, cheats, pokemon, #sapphire, fire, leaf, green, handheld, gbasp

Free forum : SuperNintenGamer Forums

Free forum : A place to chat about anything Nintendo, from Pokemon to Mario, getting friend codes or battling on Wi-Fi, do whatever here!

free, forum, supernintengamer, place, pokemon, mario, luigi, forums, partners, time, fire, leaf, green, ruby, #sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl, platinum

Sapphire 13

Sapphire Blue Sky is our HOME. We love Super Junior! FTW!

#sapphire, blue, home, love, super, junior!, ftw!

Shaychu Forums

A place where Pokemon trainers can battle and trade with people around the globe. Come post in our forums and talk on our chatbox!

pokemon, forum, shaymin, pikachu, battle, shaychu, trade, free, battles, trades, black, white, diamond, pearl, heartgold, soulsilver, platinum, ruby, #sapphire, emerald, crystal, silver, gold

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